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Goals Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals | October 2020

It’s time for another monthly review! Honestly, I think the global pandemic has helped some people achieve their goals in life, but for others, it has stalled them or maybe even set them back. At the very least, this virus has reminded us what and who are truly important in our lives, and what we […]

Goals Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals | September 2020

It’s that time again, welcome back to the monthly review! OK, truth time. I did not do very well with sticking to my habits or making progress towards my goals in August. This is in part due to us going on holiday, part due to helping my mum move house, and partly because I found […]

Goals Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals | August 2020

Here we go for another monthly review where we reflect on the past month and plan for the new one. Let’s get to it! Reflection I’ve been working at exercising more regularly. I’m nearly at the end of my couch to 5k so I’m pretty proud of that. I didn’t exercise as often as I’d […]

Productivity Spring Cleaning Series

Spring Cleaning Series 2020 | Week 8

It’s the last week of the Spring Cleaning Series! Today we’re going to head to your main storage area. For you this could be the basement or garage, for me, it’s two cupboards in my hallway. If you’re just finding these posts I’ll link the others below. Spring Cleaning Week 8 – Storage Area   […]

Productivity Spring Cleaning Series

Spring Cleaning 2020 | Week 7

It’s week 7 of the spring cleaning series and today we’re tackling the kids’ bedrooms. If you’re just joining us or missed a week, I’ll have the other posts linked down below. Spring Cleaning Week 7 – Kids Bedrooms The key to getting this done (and keeping it that way) is to involve the kids […]

Goals Life Monthly Goals Productivity

Mid-Year Review

What the what? Halfway through the year already! Each month I’ve shared with you the goals that I’ve been working on, so I figured I’d walk you through my mid-year review. Just to check-in with how things are going, what’s working and what isn’t, and how best to move forward. If you missed any of […]

Covid-19 Goals Life Monthly Goals Productivity Uncategorized

Monthly Goals | July 2020

Here we are again, the end of another month and time to check-in with our monthly goals. Reflection I was getting ready good at exercising regularly until I got a leg injury in the last week of June. Nothing serious, but not minor enough to be able to continue at the pace I had set […]

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