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Christmas Countdown | Week Twelve

This is the final week of the Christmas Countdown! This week we’re focusing on getting those last-minute to do’s ticked off and wrapping everything up with a nice, big bow.

Week Twelve – December 18th to 24th

❄️Last chance! If you haven’t done so by now, finish shopping, wrapping and labelling your gifts – including stockings and Christmas Eve boxes. Make sure you stick to the list and budget.

❄️Cook ahead. Anything that you can cook or bake now that will either keep or can be frozen. Get these done at the start of the week to free up your time later.

Check it, don’t chance it

❄️Borrow chairs. If you need to borrow anything like chairs, tables, and stereos, go and get them in the next few days. Nobody wants to do two trips on Christmas day because you need their dining chairs.

❄️Record TV. Have a look through the TV guide for anything you and your family would like to watch over the coming days. Set your television to record them. That way you can watch them whenever you want between other festive activities.

❄️Make a timeline. This isn’t necessary for everyone, so feel free to just skip it. If you’re the one cooking Christmas dinner though I do highly recommend having a timeline of when food needs basting, turning, defrosting and so on. Don’t forget to allow time to pre-heat your oven first.

❄️Fresh food shopping. Pop to the shops and grab anything that wasn’t able to come in your delivery. Also, make sure you have the basics like toilet rolls, bread and milk.

❄️Norad tracker. Download the Norad tracker from your app store so your little ones can track Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

❄️Christmas lights drive by. Whether you have children or not, going for a drive or walk to look at all the gorgeous lights is one of the best things about Christmas. You can even ask your local Facebook group where the really impressive ones are.

That’s everything! We’re done with the twelve-week Christmas Countdown.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful, and healthy, holiday!

Elimy X

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