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Christmas Countdown | Week Eleven

Only 2 weeks left! This week we’re focusing on food.

Week Eleven – December 11th to 17th

❄️Think about your menu. Even if you’re having Christmas dinner elsewhere, you’re probably going to be making some food or treats at your place. Make a list of everything you need.

❄️With the list you made above, edit your food delivery. Before checking out, make sure you double-check that you haven’t put anything on the list twice when you don’t need to.

❄️Stockings and Christmas Eve boxes. If you do them then start looking for little things to put inside them.

❄️Keep shopping, wrapping and labelling if you haven’t finished yet. Make sure you stick to the list and budget.

❄️Keep posting cards and items. Try to have this completed by the end of this week so everything still arrives on time.

Don’t forget to check back in next time for Christmas Countdown | Week Twelve. It will be the final week and last post in this series!

Elimy X

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