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Christmas Countdown | Week Nine

Ooh, it’s getting close! This week we’re getting the last items on the gift list bought and wrapped.

Week Nine – November 27th to December 3rd

❄️My favourite part of Christmas prep – decorating! OK, you might do this later (or maybe you’re ahead of the game) but I like to put up my decorations near the 1st of December.

❄️Finish writing your Christmas cards and start posting them.

❄️Start posting items that have a long way to go.

❄️Start a home cleaning routine. Now that your home is less cluttered and cleaner, this is a great time to get into the habit of keeping on top of it.

❄️Stockings and Christmas Eve boxes. If you do them then start looking for little things to put inside them.

❄️Keep shopping, wrapping and labelling as you go. Make sure you stick to the list and budget.

Keep it up and join us next time for Christmas Countdown | Week Ten.

Elimy X

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