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Christmas Countdown | Week Seven

There are 6 weeks left of the Christmas Countdown! This week is super easy.

Week Seven – November 13th to 19th

❄️Plan New Years’ Eve. This may look different from previous years due to the pandemic, but you can still think about where you want to be and who you want to be with. If you’ll be live calling anyone to ring in the New Year with, or maybe taking flasks of hot chocolate to go watch the fireworks at midnight.

❄️Keep shopping, wrapping and labelling as you go. Try to have about 3-quarters of your gift list bought and wrapped by the end of this week. Make sure you stick to the list and budget.

❄️Keep deep cleaning. Again, just focus on the areas you’d like to be done before Christmas, and only do one thing at a time. You do not need to overwhelm yourself.

Thanks for getting ready for Christmas with me. See you next time for Christmas Countdown | Week Eight.

Elimy X

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