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Christmas Countdown | Week Two

There’s 11 weeks to go. It probably still feels a little too early to be thinking about Christmas. Trust me, I get it. Getting things done early, though, frees up more of your time in December to actually enjoy the festive season.

Week Two – October 9th to 15th

❄️ Order advent calendars. The big ones with cosmetics or toys inside them sell out early, so get them ordered as soon as possible.

❄️ Start adding “what’s” to your gift list. Start brainstorming some ideas for gifts for certain people. You could try asking them, but a lot of people aren’t sure this far in advance. Make sure you stick to the budget you set last week.

❄️ Both online and in-person, start purchasing or making items. STICK to the list. If I don’t have my list with me I end up over-spending because I can’t remember what I wrote down as gift ideas and budgets for each person. So take your list with you either on paper or digital form.

❄️ Wrap and label gifts as soon as they come into your house. I don’t think anybody really enjoys hunching over to wrap presents for hours 2 days before Christmas. If you wrap as they come in you won’t have that to worry about.

❄️ Find a good hiding place. You’re very creative people, but here are some ideas:

  • In the attic or basement
  • Inside some suitcases
  • In the car
  • With the cleaning or washing/laundry supplies
  • Shed or garage
  • Inside various cupboards around your home
  • On top of or in the bottom of wardrobes
  • Under beds
  • Back of kitchen cupboard or the pantry
  • On top of the kitchen cupboards. OK, not totally hidden, but too difficult for little ones to get to
  • Another (trusted) person’s house
  • Filing cabinet
  • Christmas decoration boxes. When they’re empty of course.
  • Ottomans and other storage areas

If you’re hiding things in lots of different places, please keep a master list. You don’t want to find a present weeks after it was supposed to be given, just trust me on that.

You’re done for week two! See you next week for Christmas Countdown | Week Three.

Elimy X

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