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Christmas Countdown | Week One

I know it seems like Christmas is ages away, 12 weeks in fact, but have you ever thought that, and then it gets here sooner than you’re ready for it?

Well, not this time, because this year I’m walking you through 12 weeks to a less stressful Christmas!

Week One – October 2nd to 8th

❄️ Write two lists of names. One for who you want to send cards to, and another for people you want to buy or make gifts for. Don’t worry about deciding on the gifts yet, just the names for now.

❄️ Set a limit on the money you want to spend on buying and making all your gifts. Then, set each person their own amount, making sure to stick to your overall budget. This will help later when you’re deciding what gifts to buy people. Plus, it keeps you from accidentally over-spending if you keep to it.

❄️ Check your supply of Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Stock up if needed.

❄️ Make your plans and arrangements as to where you’re going to be. This year may be somewhat different given the current circumstances, so do bear in mind that you may not be able to travel, and you might need to see different households on separate days.

❄️ Set up a wrapping station. Where will you be doing your wrapping? Your bedroom floor? Dining room table? Garage? Grab a box or a bag and collect in it the items you’ll need for wrapping and writing cards. Then, set the bag or box near to where ever you’ve decided your wrapping station will be. Now everything is in one place and you can get things organised that much quicker.

  • Some ideas to keep at your wrapping station are:
    • Tape
    • Wrapping paper
    • Pens
    • Labels
    • Gift bags
    • Gift tags
    • String and ribbon
    • Stamps
    • Cards
    • Scissors

That’s it for week one! See you next week for Christmas Countdown | Week Two.

Elimy X

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