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Spring Cleaning | Week 7

It’s week 7 of the spring cleaning series and this week we’re tackling the kids’ bedrooms.

If you’re just joining us, I suggest starting with part 1. Click the link for all the posts for Spring Cleaning 2020.

Kids Bedrooms

The key to getting this done (and keeping it that way) is to involve the kids but help them too. If they do it by themselves they’ll probably get overwhelmed very quickly, and if you do it all they’re less likely to appreciate the work that went into it to keep it feeling nice.

  • First of all, have the kids help you get out everything that’s dirty ie: clothes, dishes, rubbish/trash
  • Next, take off the bedding and put it in the wash.
  • Get everything off the flat surfaces and on to their beds or the floor. Clear the tables, windowsills, units, dressers and other furniture.
  • Next, empty all the drawers and cupboards and put these items in that pile too.
  • Now, I like to clean glass, mirrors and windows before anything else to avoid streaks.
  • Feather dust the ceiling, corners, between furniture and lights. Don’t forget the lamps and light shades.
  • Dust fans and vents, wall art, switch plates, doors, skirting boards, and the furniture too.
  • Spot clean the walls and ceiling.
  • Also, spot clean the floor rugs and carpets.
  • Safely pull out what furniture you can. Hoover/vacuum behind everything then mop if you have hard floors. Then, put the furniture back.


If you have young kids, make a towel damp and get them to slide around the floor on it to mop. I heard this tip from FLYlady years ago and the kids loved it when they were smaller.

  • At last, you’re all going to sort through that pile you made earlier.
  • Bag or box up things you’re not keeping, and get them out of your home ASAP, even if it’s just to the car, shed or garage. The kids may need a lot of encouragement or supervision with this part, just remember that these are their belongings. These items belong to them, not you. You can suggest possibly having less of a particular item, or asking when they last used something and if they still use/love it. If the item is in good enough condition, you could suggest selling or donating it so somebody else could benefit from it.
  • After that, help them put away all the items they’re keeping. Try to think about where to store things so it not only looks good, but it functions well too.
  • Great, the kids’ mattresses are clear. Give them a quick vacuum.


Flip and/or rotate the mattresses if you haven’t done it in the last 3-6 months.

  • Put fresh linen on their beds
  • Lastly, vacuum one last time around the whole room, and mop if you have hard floors.

Now, go do something fun and treat yourselves for a job well done!

See you next time for the 8th and final part of the Spring Cleaning Series.

Elimy x

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