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Spring Cleaning | Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Spring Cleaning Series. This week we’re tackling books and papers.

If you’re just joining us, I suggest starting with part 1. Click the link for all the posts for Spring Cleaning 2020.


  • First, clear a space big enough for all your books, be it a bed, a floor, a table, any flat surface you can work in.
  • Then, get all of your books into that clear space. Check in every room of your home to make sure you don’t miss any. If you have a large book collection you may want to categorise them by type, genre, sets, author alphabetised, whichever way makes sense to you.
  • Organise your books into three piles; what to keep, what to sell/donate, and what to recycle.


Have a cloth handy so you can dust off the covers and edges as you go.

  • Continue in the same way for each pile, taking breaks if you need to.
  • Once you’ve organised your books, box up the ones you’re selling or donating. The aim will be to get these out of your home as soon as you can.
  • Box up the ones to be recycled and get them out now (where possible). Even if it’s just to your car or garage.
  • Finally, neatly put away the books you’ve chosen to keep.
Gather all papers into categories


  • First, gather all your paperwork together in the same manner you did for books. Categorising in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Next, pick a pile and start going through it, deciding whether each piece is something you need/want to keep, or not.

—> Sometimes you need to keep original documents (like certificates, legal papers, contracts/agreements, etc), and sometimes you don’t. When you need to keep something, consider if taking a clear photograph and keeping it digitally would suffice. If you do this please back up your files in an internet-based storage system (Onedrive, for example), don’t just leave it on your device.

—> Certain documents must be kept for varying amounts of time, please check before discarding anything.

Recycle, shred, or discard unwanted papers


Continue in the same way for each pile until you’re done.

Recycle, shred, or otherwise discard of the papers you no longer need to keep.

Put the documents that you’re keeping in a clearly labelled, organised, file system.

It makes sense, where possible, to store papers together, or close to each other. Not only does this make it quicker to find something, but it also makes organising and filing papers easier in the future.

Store papers together

See you next time for week 5 of the Spring Cleaning Series.

Elimy x

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