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Spring Cleaning | Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Spring Cleaning Series. This week we’re working in the kitchen.

If you’re just joining us, I suggest starting with part 1. Click the link for all the posts for Spring Cleaning 2020.


  • Firstly, clear an area where you’re going to put everything while you’re sorting through it, give this area a quick wipe down.
  • Next, gather similar items together and start putting them in your “working” area. Depending on the size of your kitchen, and how much you’ve filled it, you might want to follow all these steps for different sub-categories. For example: cooking equipment, eating supplies, baking supplies, foodstuffs, small appliances and electricals.
  • Each time you empty a drawer or cupboard, clean it before you have the chance to put anything back in there.
  • As you are putting your things away, take the time to think about where you want to store things for ease of use. Put away what you want to keep, put everything else to one side for either giving away, selling, donating or recycling. Wipe everything down with a cleaning cloth as you go.

*Don’t forget to check the expiration dates on your foods.

  • Once everything you want to keep is neatly put away, you need to deal with the other items. Put things up for sale now, get the items you’re recycling or donating in your car today.
  • Clean the large appliances (fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, washing machine etc). Yes, I know, this is the part you were probably dreading the most, but if you haven’t cleaned your oven in a while then this is your sign to do it today.
  • The finishing touches – clean the windows and blinds, wipe down the walls and tiles, sweep and mop the floor.

See you next week for the third part of my Spring Cleaning Series.

Elimy x

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