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Resolution Reset

Let’s face it, most of us feel like the whole of 2020 needs to be reset! So many of us started the year with new goals and resolutions, some, like me, felt even more positive that we would finally accomplish them because it wasn’t just a new year, but a new decade too.

. . .

Well, that didn’t go to plan, did it?

The global pandemic played an enormous part in many of us abandoning our goals, and that might be a good thing.

At the very least, this virus has reminded us what and who are truly important in our lives, and what we have been putting far too much effort into unnecessarily.

We are now in October, which means there is just a quarter of this year left. I’ve decided to look back on the resolutions I set back in January, (which seems like a lifetime ago now). With my new perspective, I’ll decide what goals I still care about and are important, the rest are being shown the door. Then, I’m going to give it my all to complete the resolutions that will benefit my life by the end of 2020.

Who else is ready to reset their resolutions?

Resolution #1 – Be happier with my body

I will start exercising every day that I don’t have work, so I will be stronger because I want to feel healthy.

I’ll continue following the Slimming World plan every day, so I will learn to eat healthier foods and lose excess weight because I want to be happy with the body I see in the mirror.

I’ll always keep my water bottle with me, so I will get my daily recommended intake because I want my skin and body to feel better.

I will go to bed and get up at decent times every day, so I will have an adequate amount of sleep because I want to feel more energised and boost my metabolism.

Resolution #2 – Spend good quality time with the kids

I will do something fun with the kids every evening, so we strengthen our bond because I want to have a great relationship with them.

I will make it a habit to focus on family time every week, so we keep enjoying each other’s company because I want them to have lovely childhood memories to share.

Resolution #3 – Focus more on the blog

I will sit down to write every day, so I can tune into my creativity often because I love to write down my ideas and create something from them.

I will check my social feeds at least twice a week, so I can keep in contact with my followers because I want to help as many people as I can.

Resolution #4 – Finish re-decorating

I will decorate the bathroom by the end of October, so it feels clean and fresh because I want it to look and feel more tranquil. COMPLETE

I will finish the kitchen doors* by the end of November, so it looks pleasant because I want to finish the project I started.

*install door frames and skirting boards, replace glass in the door, and gloss woodwork

I will decorate my bedroom by the end of December, so I feel cosy in there because I want my space to be my sanctuary.

Resolution #5 – Clear my debts

I will pay off my two smallest debts by November 15th, so I can start to repair my credit score because I want to improve my financial status.

I will pay off my two biggest debts by December 31st, so I will be completely debt-free and build a decent credit score because I want to be free from financial worries and stress.

Those are my 2020 resolutions that I’ll reset for the final quarter of the year.

What about you? Are you still working on your 2020 goals or have they fallen by the wayside?

There’s still time to finish this year strong by focusing on the resolutions that are still worthy of your time and attention.

Elimy X

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