Blogmas | Day 12

Blogmas | Day 12

Christmas Tag

Blogmas Day 12 – welcome back to Just SYLO Blogmas 2020!

Today, I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas tag post. Plus, I get to share a bit more about myself with you guys.


What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Elf! Hands down. It’s got Santa, the workshop, the North Pole, elves, laughter, family, reindeer, songs, Christmas spirit. I love it.


How are you spending this Christmas?

First, my girls will bring their stockings into my room and we’ll open them all together. Then we’ll have some pancakes with fruit for breakfast.

After that, we’ll likely be unwrapping some presents from under the tree while I make a list of who to send thank you cards to and filming the kids. Later on, we’ll have visitors (from our Covid-bubble) over and open more presents with them.

Then it’s time for Christmas lunch/dinner. This year I’m pre-cooking everything in advance and freezing it. So I’ll defrost it beforehand and I’ll basically just be heating most of the food back up on the day. Hopefully, this will cut down on kitchen stress.

After that, we’ll likely be playing games, watching films, eating, drinking and being merry.


Are you on the naughty or nice list?

That’s my little secret! 😉



What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

I can’t remember exactly how old I was, definitely less than 10. My sister and I came downstairs and the entire living room was filled with balloons. Not just covering the floor either, you couldn’t even see the floor they came up so high! We covered each other up in balloons and burst out of them. It was so much fun.


When do you see the family who you don’t live with?

This changes every year, depending on everyone’s work schedules and other commitments. This year, we also had to manoeuvre around lockdown measures too. So we’re seeing each other a couple of days after Christmas itself.


What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Baby, it’s cold outside – Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel

However, I love so many other Christmas songs too. If you’re interested here’s my Christmas Crackers playlist.


On Christmas Eve, what do you leave out for Santa?

Milk, cookies, a mince pie, and a couple of carrots for the reindeer.



Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

I don’t, and until last year the kids didn’t either. Last year though I decided to start doing Christmas Eve boxes for the children. Just simple things like popcorn, hot chocolate, slippers or socks, pyjamas.


Christmas tree: real or fake?

Fake. I love the look of the real trees, but they make my eyes sting and I don’t like the idea of cleaning up the needles so regularly. Maybe one day I’ll have a house and we can have one outside.


What’s your ideal Christmas dinner?

Turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, carrots, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, and loooads of gravy!


What’s your all-time favourite festive treat?

Gingerbread anything! Closely followed by cinnamon anything.


What’s better, giving or receiving?

Ooh, tough one! I think I enjoy them both equally for different reasons. Obviously, I like receiving a gift that somebody has taken the time and effort to get for me. I feel so grateful that they’ve much so much thought into it. I also like seeing other people enjoy receiving their gifts, and knowing I created that smile on their face.

What tops both of these though is watching my kids receive their presents, regardless of who they’re from. There’s just something about being a kid on Christmas morning that has an untouchable magic about it.


Who decorates the tree in your house, and when?

We decorate the tree as a family, with Christmas music playing and hot chocolate. The tree usually goes up on the weekend just before December 1st (unless the 1st falls on a weekend, then we do it then).


Are you a last-minute Christmas-prep person or are you organised?

Every year I try to be as organised as possible. I budget, make lists, plan activities and events, menu plan. Generally, I’m Christmas ready by the second week in December.

If you’re looking to get more organised during Christmas check out my 12 Week Christmas Countdown posts for a week-by-week plan.


If you could go anywhere for Christmas, where would it be?

Lapland, Finland definitely (not very original, I know). Other possibilities are:

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Boston, USA
  • Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Aspen, USA

Basically, anywhere there will be a ton of snow.



Are you setting New Year’s resolutions this time around?

Yes and no. I will be setting goals, but not year-long one’s. I’ve realised that they’re unrealistic and I get bored of them before March. So I’ll be setting goals each month and taking steps towards achieving them each week. That said, those monthly goals will likely be part of “big picture goals”.


Hey, how many of you people out here are a national monument? Raise your hand, please. Oh, hello, Miss!

– Dr Vinkman, Ghostbusters 2



I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tag and getting to know me a bit better. Thank you for joining me for Blogmas day 12. See you tomorrow.

Let us know your answers to some of these in the comments, over on Facebook @justsylo, or tag me on Instagram @justsylo with the hashtag #blogmas2020.

Elimy X


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