Blogmas | Day 11

Blogmas | Day 11

Emergency Gifts

Blogmas Day 11 – welcome back to Just SYLO Blogmas 2020!


Don’t get caught out this year when somebody hands you an unexpected gift and you have nothing to give them in return. Wrap a few emergency gifts for such an occasion. Here are some ideas.

  • a scarf
  • cookie cutters
  • a festive cookbook
  • headphones
  • a travel mug
  • wine
  • hot chocolate set
  • chocolates / biscuits
  • gloves and hat set
  • perfume / cologne
  • scented candle
  • make-up brushes
  • your decorations
  • cosy socks
  • a knitted blanket
  • a nice smelling lotion set
  • colouring book and pens
  • a set of cute succulents


I’m light as a feather! Merry as a schoolboy!

– Ebenezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol (2009)


Do you know what the best part of doing this is? If you don’t get any surprise gifts from other people, you’ve got surprise gifts from yourself!

Thank you for joining me for Blogmas day eleven. See you in the next one.

What gifts would you have on standby just in case you need an extra one? Share your ideas with us in the comments, over on Facebook @justsylo, or tag me on Instagram @justsylo with the hashtag #blogmas2020.

Elimy X


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