Blogmas 2020 | Day 3

Blogmas 2020 | Day 3


Blogmas Day 3 – welcome back to Just SYLO Blogmas 2020! In today’s post, we’re talking about decluttering before the big day.

If you managed to catch my Christmas Countdown post you’ll know that we were decluttering in weeks three, four and five. If you missed them though there’s no need to worry. Here I’ve listed 25 things you can easily declutter before the holidays.


  • DVD’s that you haven’t watched in ages
  • Expired make-up, lotions and other cosmetics
  • Tupperware – all those lids without boxes, and boxes without lids. Yeah, they can probably all go
  • Unwanted or outgrown clothes
  • Extra mugs/cups and glasses
  • Books you haven’t/won’t read
  • Expired food – don’t forget the baking supplies and pantry
  • Magazines and puzzle books you have stuffed away in a drawer somewhere
  • Outdated electronic items you don’t use, or don’t know what they’re even for
  • Take-out menus – everyone has more information on their website these days
  • Shoes you don’t wear because they’re uncomfortable or don’t go with anything



  • Old toothbrushes you should’ve replaced by now
  • Outgrown toys and games – including those with missing/broken pieces
  • Shopping bags – you know, that bags of bags you have in a cupboard somewhere and you never remember to grab on your way out the door. Lots of supermarkets will accept all old shopping bags to be recycled
  • Manuals and boxes for items you either no longer own or are fully capable of operating (manuals can be found online too, you don’t need to hang on to them)
  • Unused paint from that project you did years ago
  • Pens that don’t work, broken crayons and pencils
  • Expired medicines – you can likely take these to your doctor, pharmacy or chemist for safe disposal
  • Hobby supplies for that thing you tried and didn’t stick to
  • Stuffed animals and teddies that are no longer being cuddled – consider donating to a hospital, nursery or community centre (please call ahead to ask about their policies)
  • Incomplete puzzles
  • Anything old that you replaced but, for some reason, kept the old one
  • Kids shoes they grew out of
  • Jewellery you never wear, including solo-earrings who lost their other half
  • Your commitments – seriously, think about what you spend your time, money, energy and space on. Consider whether they’re worth it, and get rid of what isn’t.


Operation Santa Claus is coming to town

– Steve, Arthur Christmas


There are so many things you could declutter, but I hope this list gets you feeling like you are making headway towards a happier, less-cluttered life.

Thanks for joining me for Blogmas day 3, come back for another post tomorrow.

Don’t forget to share what you’re decluttering in the comments below, or you can tag me on Instagram @justsylo with the hashtag #blogmas2020.

Elimy X


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