Christmas Countdown | Week Nine

Christmas Countdown | Week Nine

Week Nine

Christmas Countdown | Week Nine

Four weeks left of the Christmas Countdown. Ooh, it’s getting close! This week we’re getting the last items on the gift list bought and wrapped.

November 27th to December 3rd

❄️Start a home cleaning routine. Now that your home is less cluttered and cleaner, this is a great opportunity to create (and stick to!) a good home cleaning routine. Start now and by Christmas it will be a habit and your home will practically clean itself.

❄️Christmas eve boxes. If you do these for your children then decide what you’re going to put in them and get yourself to the shops. Some ideas include:

    • Pyjamas
    • A Christmas themed book or short story
    • Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream
    • A teddy or soft toy
    • A festive blanket
    • Fluffy socks or slippers
    • A mitten and scarf set
    • A seasonal DVD or CD
    • Paper, pens and decorative stationery for letters to Santa

❄️Elf on the shelf. If you do this then Pinterest is a great source for cute and fun ideas for your elf!

❄️Holiday playlist. Every year in December I love having a festive playlist for when I’m driving, cooking dinner, decorating, baking, all that good stuff. Here’s a link to my holiday playlist on Spotify.

Spotify – Elimy | JustSYLO – Christmas Crackers 2020

❄️Stock up on essentials. Batteries, bin bags, toilet rolls, stamps, those kinds of things.

❄️Decorate. This is by far my favourite part of Christmas prep! I stick on my playlist, pull out all the bags and boxes, get the kids together (without devices), and decorate the whole home together. Probably with some yummy treats to snack on too. In my home, we usually decorate on a weekend close to December 1st, but you do you. If you decorate earlier or later then that’s fine, and if you don’t decorate, that’s cool too.

❄️Finish shopping, wrapping and labelling as you go. I like to have all the Christmas presents bought and wrapped by November 30th. That way I can fully enjoy every day of December without getting stressed with crowded stores, late deliveries, or piles of wrapping to do. I can sit back, relax, and soak up all the festive cheer without a care in the world.

❄️Keep writing cards and posting items.


Doesn’t it feel so good to have all the presents wrapped and the home decorated? This is when I really start to feel the Christmas spirit. When I’m prepared for it and can surround myself with smells, foods and activities that just exude the warm and fuzzy feelings.

See you next time for Christmas Countdown | Week Ten.


Elimy X


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