Health Hub | Week 8

Health Hub | Week 8

Welcome To The Health Hub

Last week I didn’t track any of my food for one reason or another. Mostly due to two trips to the dentist and getting things organised for lockdown.

This week the UK went back into a second lockdown. So, last week I weighed myself again straight after weighing at my Slimming World group in order to see the difference between the two scales.


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 0.5

Activity – 150 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 26

Activity – 120 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 16

Activity – 220 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns –16.5

Activity – 0 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 12.5

Activity – 150 minutes


It was a long day at work and I completely forgot to track anything during the day.

Tuesday – Weigh Day ⚖️

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 26.5

Activity – 120 minutes

Week Eight Progress

I had to weigh myself at home this week, but I made sure to be as fair to myself as possible. By that, I mean that I did the same things I would usually do on weigh day at the group. I was clothed, I had eaten, and it was around the same time as I get weighed there.

Weight – 0.5lb lost

BMI – 0.1 lost

Body fat % – 0.2% lost

Waist – maintained

Hips – 0.4 inches lost

Thighs – maintained

I want to start losing weight at a slightly faster pace. To do that I really need to focus on reducing my syns because looking back, there are days I’m going seriously overboard.

Still, it’s going in the right direction so I’m happy with my progress so far.

Next week, I’ll be ordering low-syn snacks so I have something healthy to grab when I get my sugar cravings.

Thanks for coming on my Slimming World journey with me.

Elimy X


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