Bathroom Makeover | Before and After

Bathroom Makeover | Before and After

You may remember that at the end of September, when I was doing my monthly review, I decided to look back on the goals I had set for myself back in January.

I had a think about which goals were still important to me so I could really focus on them in the last quarter of 2020. This is my Resolution Reset.

One of those goals was to re-decorate my bathroom so it would look and feel more tranquil. My bathroom is difficult. It has no windows, it’s poorly located, and extractor fans don’t seem to work well in there.

No matter how often I clean it, or how long the door is left open. How many times I change the filters and extractor fan, or how often I put a dehumidifier in there. It keeps holding moisture within the walls. This, of course, leads to mould in nooks and crannies around the room. Not nice!


Bathroom Makeover – Before and After

Anyways, I wanted to revamp the room to try and combat some of this. Also, to make it look and feel more tranquil, and I did it!


First, I took all the shelves and decorative pieces off the walls and filled in the holes.

I spent an awfully long time taking out the silicone from around the shower/tub, basin and toilet. Later, after cleaning those areas I applied new anti-mould silicone.


I sanded down the walls and ceiling, then cleaned them once with bleach, and once with an anti-mould solution (taking care to wash them thoroughly in-between to prevent mixing of cleaners).

After the walls and ceiling were dried, I put on a couple of coats of mould-resistant white paint.



I scrubbed the existing grouting as clean as I could, then applied a fresh layer to brighten up the tiles.

Once the paint was dry I did a final coat of bathroom paint on the walls. The colour I chose is called Duck Egg.



Once that was dry I added the finishing touches. New duck egg coloured towels, fake succulents, wall art, shelf boxes (which I had painted black).

It may not be perfect, and it may not have been professionally done, but I’m so happy with the final result!

The only thing that’s missing is I’m still waiting for my new shower curtains to arrive.



I have to say, the “Soak, Relax, Unwind” wall is my favourite. It’s so minimal and soothing to see while I’m in here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing my bathroom transformation. Be sure to come back, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook, if you’d like to see how I get on with the rest of the Resolution Reset.

Elimy X

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