Health Hub | Week 7

Health Hub | Week 7

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Last week was the second week that I couldn’t make it to group and had to weigh at home instead. So I wasn’t thinking of my weigh-ins as my “official” Slimming World weights. This week I’m back in my IMAGE therapy group so we’ll see what I actually managed to do.

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I didn’t track any of my food this week. I guess my only reasoning is that I got very busy trying to organise things before the UK goes into a second lockdown.

Also, on Thursday I had a dentist appointment and afterward I was limited to only eating soft foods.

Friday, there was a problem with the work the dentist had done, so I had to go back to get it fixed. More soft foods for me.


During the week I did track my body magic – 5 hours and 45 minutes total.

Week Five Progress

Weight – 1lb lost

BMI – 0.2 lost

Body fat % – 0.9% lost

Waist – maintained

Hips – maintained

Thighs – maintained

Considering over the last few weeks I was sick, it was Halloween, and with not tracking for a whole week, I was expecting gains this weigh-in. Not only was I shocked that I had a loss, but after losing 3.5lbs I’m also officially into a lower stone bracket!!!

I couldn’t be happier with that result.

I’ve already planned my meals for next week and bought them, so I have no excuse to not stick to the plan. Wish me luck.

Elimy X

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