Monthly Review | November 2020

Monthly Review | November 2020

It’s the penultimate monthly review of 2020!

I still don’t know how I feel about this year. There have been the obvious lows, with the pandemic and all the struggles that came with it. There have been some highs too, though. Like, having so much more time with my kids than normal. Having more energy for home projects, having regular sparks of inspiration and so on.

I feel like this has been a year of immense growth and “getting back to our roots”. We’ve been reminded of what is truly important in our lives and what had been taking up too much time and space previously.

There are lessons to be learned through this hardship.

Monthly Reflection

  • If you’ve been keeping up with my Health Hub posts, you’ll know that I was sick during part of October. This means that my intentions to exercise on the days I wasn’t at work and follow the Slimming World plan kind of went a little bit off track. That said, my measurements and health statistics are looking better than they were a month ago. So I must be doing something right.
  • I have spent a lot more time with the kids this past month, except for when I was sick and basically bed-bound. In November I hope to continue that.
  • I did get into the habit of writing 5/6 days a week and checking my socials about 4 times a week.
  • I redecorated my bathroom too. You can check out the before and after pictures here.
  • I did pay a little bit towards my two smallest debts, but no-where near as much as I had hoped #covidproblems.

In all, October was a pretty good month for laying down the foundations and making good progress towards smashing my Resolutions.

Monthly Planning


Now we’re in November I can almost sense the New Year approaching. The scent of fireworks in the air, the feel of cosy blankets, the taste of Christmas dinner, the hopeful goal-setting, and the generally warm, fuzzy feeling of being around people you love. It may look a little different this year, but it’s still coming and we are inventive people who will make the most of it.

This month I plan to continue to work on my 2020 resolutions, so I can finally end a year and be able to say;

“Yeah, I completed my goals for this year. Go me!”

My monthly goals for November are:

  • Be happier with my body – find fun ways to incorporate more exercise, and get enough sleep.
  • Spend good quality time with the kids – keep spending more time with the kids, especially with the UK going into another lockdown this month.
  • Focus more on the blog – write daily so the blog posts are ready in advance.
  • Finish redecorating – kitchen doors (install door frames and skirting boards, replace glass in the door, gloss all the woodwork).
  • Clear my debts – pay off my two smallest debts.

My theme for the month is “coming full circle for beautiful new beginnings”. This is how I’ve basically interpreted the 3 Tarot cards I pulled for this month (The Fool, The World, and The Empress). I haven’t been doing Tarot long, but I’m finding it so insightful to draw my own conclusions and think about why I think a certain way about the cards pulled. It’s like getting a message from myself, from the voice I don’t usually hear.

This month I want to get some goals completed and celebrate my wins, so I can be closer to ending the year on a high note.

That’s what I’m putting my energy into in November. What about you?

Elimy X

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