Health Hub | Week 5

Health Hub | Week 5

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Last week I maintained my weight and measurements. Which is fine. I’d rather make slow and steady progress so it will be more sustainable in the future. If that means a few weeks here and there of maintaining then I’m cool with that.

That said, of course, it would be nice to lose at least one pound this week, to get me into a lower stone.

This week I’m hoping to cook more free foods and freezing them for later.


Woke up this morning with soreness at the back of my throat. Other than that though I’m feeling pretty darn good today.

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 14.5

Activity – 150 minutes


Today I woke up with a headache, sore throat, aching muscles, fatigue and a slightly runny nose.

I was going to go to the dentist and then work today, but with the current rules and restrictions due to Covid-19, I’m staying at home instead.

By the afternoon I had a fever. Due to the fact I have asthma, and I could feel it being effected already, I decided to order a CoronaVirus home-testing kit.

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 19 – honestly, I’m not even bothered by today’s syns. I’m ill, so if I feel like eating more hi-fi bars then I will 😂.

Activity – 0 minutes


I am completely floored by whatever illness I currently have. I have slept for 11 hours today and still feel like I need more. My headache isn’t getting worse, but it isn’t going away either, it’s just constant. The sore throat is almost gone so that’s some good news. I have a very runny nose and severe muscle pains. Everything seems like too much effort, even going to the kitchen to make myself a drink.

I’ve basically been in bed all day. My brain is getting bored and wants to go do something (like the dishes which are piling up), but my body refuses to co-operate.

The CoronaVirus home testing kit arrived this afternoon, so I did that and had my daughter post it for me.

I’m obviously hoping for it to be negative because then I can get something from the doctors to help with whatever it is.

I’m trying not to think about it being a positive result for the virus because I have underlying health conditions and honestly, I would end up freaking myself out over potentially nothing. At the very least, it’s something I have no control over.

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 34 – I literally don’t even care at this point. I only had white bread in the house as that’s what the kids like. So I’ve had a few sandwiches today and a pot noodle. Not the best slimming-wise, but for the sake of convenience while I’m sick it’s necessary.

Activity – 0 minutes


Feeling worse again today. Woke up hardly able to breathe because my chest was tight due to my asthma. Though it did ease up a little with my rescue inhaler. Headache is still humming away in the background, but not as severe as before. Sore throat is back because my mouth is so dry (I can’t breathe through my nose). This, along with my chest tightness, is making breathing painful, but I wouldn’t say difficult. Runny nose and muscle pains are still present, and now I have a slight cough. I’m tracking my home-test kit and it hasn’t arrived at the lab yet*.

*Edit: It arrived later today.

Still trying not to freak out, but it’s harder today because breathing hurts. Today I’m going to try to pack a bag that I can take to the hospital with me in case I need to go.

Healthy Extra A – x1

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns –20.5

Activity – 0 minutes


Feeling a little bit better today. I ended up sleeping for a full 11 hours! Finally, I can breathe through my nose again now. My headache is still there in the background, occasionally it gets worse and it’s all I can think about, but then it fades again. My throat is no longer sore but it is very dry. My nose is no longer as runny as it was, but the cough is still there, slightly worse than yesterday. Muscle pains aren’t too bad today, I managed to get a few household tasks done during the day.

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 25.5

Activity – 30 minutes


I’m feeling well enough to move around more today. I have a slight cough and a headache still. Also, I still have mild fatigue and muscle soreness. The good news is that my test results came back and I do not have coronavirus! Which is such a relief. Based on my symptoms I’m guessing that what I do have is the flu, so whilst I am going to get some chores done today I’m not going to overdo it.

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 20.5

Activity – 60 minutes

Tuesday – Weigh Day ⚖️

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 15

Activity – 15 minutes

Week Five Progress

Whilst I now know that I don’t have CoronaVirus, I’m still unwell and potentially contagious. So, this week I have decided not to attend the Slimming World group weigh-in. However, instead, I weighed myself at home. As I’ve used a different scale these results should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Weight – 3lbs lost (after going back to group I discovered this was actually a maintain)

BMI – 0.7 lost

Body fat % – 0.2% lost

Waist – 1 inch lost

Hips – maintained

Thighs – 1 inch lost

I do feel good about these results, especially the measurements as I always do these at home. The 3lbs weight loss seems a little too good to be true though. I’ll have to see if the Slimming World scales at my group reflect what my home ones are saying.

Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay


I’m near the end of this cold/flu/whatever it is. Meaning that next week I should be able to incorporate more body magic and get back to planning my meals more thoughtfully.

I’ll be missing the weigh-in at group next week too because we’re doing a Halloween party for the kids. I just hope I can keep myself away from all the sweets!

Do you have any tips for not going overboard on the sweet treats? Share them below.

Elimy X

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