Current Favourite Apps

Current Favourite Apps

I have probably, like many of us, been spending a lot more time within the apps on my phone. Being restricted by lockdowns, new rules and regulations, we’re either stuck indoors or restricted on what we can do outside. Frankly, we’re bored!

I thought I’d share with you my current favourite apps that I’ve been using recently.

1. Castbox (App Store, Google Play)

This is my chosen platform for listening to podcasts, radio and audiobooks. I love that I can create and edit my own playlists, as well as download the episodes so I can listen to them when I don’t have internet access.

2. Freetrade (App Store, Google Play)

This is the app I’m currently using as I begin to explore the world of investing. It’s commission-free, simple and easy to use. You can start investing in stocks from as little as £2.

3. Tody (App Store, Google Play)

I have been using this app every day since I downloaded it. It’s a smarter way to track your cleaning tasks and routines. What I love most about this app is the traffic light colour code system it has to show you which areas are in most need of attention. Great for maintaining a clean and tidy home.

4. Slimming World (App Store, Google Play)

An easy way to follow the plan without the need to carry your book around with you or constantly be looking things up. You can track your meals and activity, your weigh-ins, scan barcodes, find recipes, read success stories. What I love most about the app is that if they don’t have a food listed when you scan it, you can still add the details of the product to get the syn value. No more guesswork.

5. Yolt (App Store, Google Play)

I haven’t had this app for very long, but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s great for checking all my balances at once rather than opening multiple apps and tallying the numbers in my head. I particularly like the insights part of the app, where you can see not only where you’re spending your money, but also compare it to a previous week/month.

6. Google Keep (App Store, Google Play)

This has been my go-to note-taking app for quite some time. I can set a reminder for a note so I can go back to it. I can transcribe a voice memo, save a picture, create a checklist, and (probably my favourite part) I can colour code and add labels to my notes too. I mainly use Google Keep for repeatable lists, like weekly and monthly tasks. I can tick them off as I go so I only see what I have left, then untick them when it’s time to refresh. No more writing down the same list continuously.

7. LastPass (App Store, Google Play)

A secure vault for your passwords and personal information. No need to try and remember 50 different passwords, or use the same one for everything which isn’t safe. All you need to do is remember the one password you set up with the app and you’re good to go. The best part? If you happen to be using a public computer, or a friends’, just sign in to LastPass and you can access all of your accounts. No more resetting passwords and verifying email addresses.

8. Trello (App Store, Google Play)

This is a wonderful tool for organising my projects. I can create boards for different projects, then I can create lists within those projects and add cards to those lists. You can add “power-ups”, locations, checklists and due dates to your cards so you can manage your project in any way you please. You can even share a board with others if you’re working as a team.

9. Intellect (App Store, Google Play)

I’ll be honest, I’ve only had this app for a day, but so far I think it’s brilliant. This app helps you to understand and work on your habits, traits and behaviours. It’s been developed by world-leading psychologists and behavioural experts and set out in bite-sized sessions to help you work on your goals.

10. NHS Covid-19 (App Store, Google Play)

I think this is a must-have app for everyone in England and Wales at this present time. It has several features:

  • Trace: know if you’ve been near somebody who has tested positive for CoronaVirus.
  • Alert: the level of risk in your postcode.
  • Check-in: scan the QR code at the venues you visit to get alerted of any risks.
  • Symptoms: check if you have any symptoms and be informed if you need to order a test.
  • Test: helps you order a test if you need to.
  • Isolate: track your days of isolation (if necessary) and receive relevant advice.

If you only check out one app from this list, please choose this one.


That’s it for my current favourite apps. There are others I use often, such as email and socials, but those listed are my favourite to open and use. What are your go-to apps?

Elimy X

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