Christmas Countdown | Week Three

Christmas Countdown | Week Three

Christmas Countdown | Week Three

Christmas Countdown | Week Three

10 weeks to go. You’re well on your way to having a calmer and more organised Christmas. Leaving you with more time to engage in the festivities. Here are your tasks for this week.


Christmas Countdown – October 16th to 22nd

❄️Start to declutter. Don’t worry! I’m not asking you to completely gut your whole home. Merely just to get rid of those things you’ll “get round to” and “must do something about”. That pile of clothes for the charity shop, those items you were going to pop on eBay. Your home will look and feel so much nicer with all these niggling tasks taken care of.

❄️Put activities in your calendar. Depending on your area and local rules, there may not be a lot going on, and some schools aren’t doing any fayres or nativities this year. In that case, get creative. You could pencil in-game or film nights, winter walks, baking days, a drive-by of all the beautiful lights. Why not try making an “activity advent calendar”? Where you pick something fun to do as a family every day in December.

❄️Buy emergency gifts. Things like candles, chocolates and bath sets are great for when somebody surprises you with a gift and you hadn’t bought one for them. The added bonus is that you can treat yourself to these goodies if they’re unneeded.

❄️Organise secret Santa. If your family or work are following this tradition this year then now is a good time for everyone to find out who they’re being Santa for.


❄️Keep shopping, wrapping and labelling as you go. I like to try and have a quarter of the gift list bought and wrapped by now.

Don’t forget to pop back for Christmas Countdown | Week Four.

Let’s do this!

Elimy X

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