What To Do On A Sick Day

What To Do On A Sick Day

Nobody likes a sick day, feeling poorly sucks! Trust me, I’m currently writing this whilst being unwell myself.

One of the hardest parts about a sick day, for me at least, is not knowing what to do with my day. I have the time to do so many things, but no energy. Even the things that require little energy might be out of the question, like binge-watching TV when you have a pounding headache.

To help myself, and you, figure out what to do on a sick day, I’ve listed some ideas below.

  • Meditate – two apps that I love to use to help with this are Calm (App Store, Google Play) and Headspace (App Store, Google Play).
  • Laugh – talk to a friend, watch a comedy, listen to a funny podcast.
  • Listen to music or podcasts.
  • Socialise – call a friend or family member, chat on other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook (just make sure you’re consuming positive content).
  • Sleep – have a lie-in, take a nap, get to bed early, or all three, whatever your body needs.

  • Gather your supplies – water, reading material, pens and puzzle books, tissues, hot water bottle, chicken noodle soup, ice/heat pads, a mug of tea, a comfy blanket, cosy socks, and whatever else you think you might need. Gather it all together in one place so you don’t have to keep getting up.
  • Have a bath or shower – it feels so great to have a clean body when you’re feeling rough.
  • Read – enjoy a good book.
  • Pop on a DVD or series to watch – you know that series you’ve been meaning to watch but you didn’t have the time? Well, now you do.
  • Keep hydrated – drink your water.
  • Write – your goals, dreams, in your journal, a letter to a friend.
  • Breathe the fresh air – get outside for a short walk if you can, or just stand outside your front door for a few minutes. At the very least, open a window and breathe the outside air.

  • Eat well – your body needs energy, nourish your body with the fuel it needs to help you recover.
  • Challenge your mind – sudokus, word puzzles, read non-fiction, listen or watch something informative about a subject you’re interested in.
  • Bite-sized tasks – only the tasks you absolutely cannot put on hold or ask someone else to do. Work in small, manageable chunks. I’m talking 5-10minutes max! Don’t clean the whole kitchen, just wash up some dishes. Don’t try to answer a dozen emails, sign in for a few minutes and then get out of there. If you need to make a phone call, tell them straight away that you only have a few minutes so you can’t talk for long. Remember to take breaks and fill your day with mostly relaxing things. Please only do what you absolutely must do yourself today,ย everything else can wait until you’ve recovered.
  • Create art – colouring in, doodling, painting, sketching.

  • Pamper yourself – put on that face mask, use that luxurious foot lotion, nourish your hair, paint your nails. Whatever you fancy that boosts your mood.
  • Knock out some errands that you can do sitting, or lying, down – pay the bills, order some food, start shopping for birthdays and other events, check your personal emails, set up a budget.
  • Do some light exercise (if you’re feeling up to it) – a walk around the block, some gentle yoga, even just stretching.

  • Organise the images on your phone or computer – you could even order some of them to be printed and delivered to your house.
  • Play games – card games, board games, computer and phone games, whatever you feel like.
  • Disconnect – turn off your WiFi and mobile data. Just enjoy the silence and freedom of not being connected to the entire world for a bit. Focus on yourself without any distractions.
  • Wear something comfortable – sweats, PJ’s, a baggy hoody, dressing gown, nothing at all. Whatever floats your boat.


When I was a child, my favourite way to spend a sick day was on the sofa. With some nibbles, a cup of tea and cartoons. Even now, I don’t remember the illness but I do remember the cosy and happy feelings I had buried inside a blanket.

What do you enjoy doing on a sick day to make you feel a little better?

Elimy X

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