Monthly Goals | October 2020

Monthly Goals | October 2020

It’s time for another monthly review!

Honestly, I think the global pandemic has helped some people achieve their goals in life, but for others, it has stalled them or maybe even set them back.

At the very least, this virus has reminded us what and who are truly important in our lives, and what we have been putting far too much effort into unnecessarily.

Monthly Reflection

  • I did create a new fitness routine, but I didn’t stick to it. With going back to work this month I struggled to find both the time and the energy for workouts.
  • I did not revamp my morning and evening routines to incorporate new habits. Well, I mean, I tried, but it didn’t stick. So I need to have a rethink with that one. I think I was trying to make too many changes at once.
  • Focus on the blog more. Oh boy, yes did I do this one! I felt like I had so much inspiration this month. Which made having ideas and getting into a flow state to write about them come so much easier than it had before.

Overall, September was a bit hit and miss. Two of my monthly goals didn’t work out, which just means I need to tweak my methods for more success next time.

Monthly Planning


We’re now in October, which means there is just a quarter of this year left. I’ve decided to look back on the resolutions I set back in January, and give it my all to complete them.

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My monthly goals to work on my resolutions in October are:

  • Be happier with my body – by exercising on the days I don’t have work, continue following Slimming World (check out my Health Hub posts), keep a water bottle with me, and consistently get enough sleep.
  • Spend good quality time with the kids – by doing something fun with them every evening, and having focused family time every week.
  • Focus more on the blog – by writing every day, and checking in on my socials at least twice a week.
  • Finish redecorating – by decorating the bathroom this month.
  • Clear my debts – by reducing my two smallest debts considerably.


My theme for the month is “kicking it up a notch”. Last month was all about finding my feet while coming out of lockdown from the CoronaVirus pandemic. This month I want to charge top speed at my goals and complete them once and for all.


There you have it. Those are the goals (or resolutions) that I’ll be getting on with in October.


What are your main goals this month? Join in the conversation over on Instagram or Pinterest, or down below in the comment section.

Have a good one.

Elimy X

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