Health Hub | Week 2

Health Hub | Week 2

Welcome To The Health Hub

Last week was a little hit and miss. I decided to join Slimming World to combat my weight and overall health. Some days I went over on my syns and others I was under, which meant that overall I was sticking to them. I went above and beyond the 45 minutes of body magic (exercise) during the week towards my bronze award.

On the downside, I had one day where I had stomach problems and another day that I didn’t stick to the plan at all.

The results for last week were that I maintained my weight, but I did lose some size from my waist and hips, and also reduced my body fat percentage. Can’t complain about that.

This week I’m hoping to:

    • Stick to my syns better
    • Continue working toward my bronze award
    • Hopefully, lose some weight at the weigh-in, but if I lose size and body fat again then I’m still happy ๐Ÿ˜€.


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 17

Activity – 180 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 13

Activity – 150 minutes


Another dodgy stomach day. If this happens again I’ll look back over my food diary and see if there’s anything I’m consuming that I can pinpoint and the culprit. I also had a bad spell of dizziness* earlier when I tried to exercise, which is why I went over on my syns today because I just grabbed whatever food I could to get my blood sugar levels back up.

*I just wanted to mention that I had eaten breakfast and lunch before the dizzy spell hit so it wasn’t due to not eating, but maybe I just hadn’t eaten enough.

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B -x1

Syns – 20

Activity – 15 minutes


Honesty bomb – today was completely off plan! I still felt rubbish from yesterday, I had a surprise visit from a friend who brought over my biggest weakness…brownies! (Friend – you know who you are, and I both love and hate you ๐Ÿคฃ).


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 14

Activity – 0 minutes


Whoops! I went completely off the rails today. By that I mean I lept off the tracks at Starbucks* and careered through a field to some chocolate digestive biscuits ๐Ÿ˜ฌ.

*Welcome back, my beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Did I enjoy it? – Yes

Do I still think it was worth it? – No, not really.

What could have been better? – Have a smaller PSL with no cream, and have none or only one biscuit.

Tuesday – Weigh Day โš–๏ธ

Healthy Extra A – x1

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 16

Activity – 0 minutes

Week Two Progress

Weight – 2lbs off

BMI – 0.4 lost

Body fat % – 0.3% gained

Waist – 0.25 inches lost

Hips – 0.75 inches gained

Thighs – maintained


Wow! I was not expecting a loss this week. In fact, I was expecting to have gained a bit due to those 2 days I had off-plan. Honestly, I was so shocked when I saw the number on the scale had gone down, and to top it off I got a Slimmer of the Week certificate!

I’m feeling really pleased with myself, especially after my maintain last week. I feel like this plan is starting to work for me and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Next week, I’ll hopefully lose another 2lbs because that would get me into a new stone bracket! That said, any loss is great, even maintaining and not gaining is good in my mind. Thanks for coming along my journey to health with me.

Elimy X

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