Health Hub | Week 1

Health Hub | Week 1

Welcome to the Health Hub

I need to get my health in check, so this week I joined Slimming World and went to my first group meeting. The consultant was friendly, helpful and bubbly. I thought it would feel strange, but it didn’t. Apart from not knowing if someone was smiling because we were all wearing masks due to Covid-19 of course! 😷

Everything was explained well and I left feeling more like it was something doable and less like “trying yet another diet”.

All the members were helpful and encouraging towards each other, with a dash of healthy competitiveness thrown in. Which is exactly what I wanted.

Slimming World



Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 14.5

Activity – 135 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 15

Activity – 0 minutes


I’m really not feeling too good with my stomach today. 🤒

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 17.5

Activity – 0 minutes


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 20.5

Activity – 300 minutes – gardening, a lot.


Took the day off plan due to feeling completely wiped out.


Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x1

Syns – 11

Activity – 0 minutes

Tuesday – Weigh Day ⚖️

Healthy Extra A – x2

Healthy Extra B – x0

Syns – 11.5

Activity – 120 minutes

Week One Progress

Weight – maintained

BMI – maintained

Body fat % – 1.4% lost

Waist – 0.25 inches lost

Hips – 0.75 inches lost

Thighs – maintained


I’m gonna be honest, I was expecting some kind of weight loss in the first week, however, I’m not going to let it get me down because I’ve still lost some inches and body fat. So clearly it’s working in a way that the scale isn’t showing.

Here’s to continuing the progress into next week. Thanks for coming along on my health journey with me.

Elimy X


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