KonMari | Sentimental – round 2

KonMari | Sentimental – round 2

You are now reading the 7th and final part of my KonMari series, today we’re leaving the Komono category behind us and moving on to sentimental.

If you missed any of the previous parts I’ll link them down below.





Office and hobby

Bathroom and Beauty


The last part of the KonMari method is sentimental. We organise these items last as they are the hardest to make decisions on, because we have such a deep, emotional, attachment to them.

Sentimental items can be anything you hold dear, but usually they are things like:

    • diaries or journals
    • letters and cards
    • ticket stubs
    • old school papers
    • certificates and qualifications
    • gifts and momentos from people who mean or meant a lot to you
    • your child’s creations
    • photos

Depdning on how large this category is for you, it might be necesary to break it down into sub-categories.

#1 – Clear a space

As always, the first step is to clear a space to work in. A large table or floor space is good. Give the area a quick wipe down, especially if you have delicate items you don’t want picking up too much dirt.

#2 – Gather everything to your space

Use the list above as a guideline, but also consider sentimental items you have come across in the previous categories. If you think there will be too much, gather 1 sub-category at a time and complete it before moving on to the next.

#3 – Consider your storage space

Where do you want to store all of these items when you’re finished? Is that area clean and ready for them? Go and make sure that it is so when you’re done decluttering you can put things straight away.

#4 – Focus on what to keep

This is the most difficult category because everything in it either gives us joy, or did at some point in time. We hold a lot of emotion into these items because we remember why we held onto them or acquired them in the first place.

A good place to start would be to ask of each item, “does this still bring me joy?”.

Us humans are constantly evolving, growing and changing. Something that meant a great deal to you 5 years ago may not have resonate the same way with you now. This is perfectly fine. You don’t need to feel obligated to hang on to something just because it used to bring you joy but it doesn’t anymore.

Keep what sparks joy for “present” you, not “past” you.

Memories of past lovers

If you hope to develop a relationship with someone new, the basic approach is to get rid of everything


Your child’s creations

If there are items that you cannot bring yourself to part with now, there is no need to force yourself to discard them



Putting them in an album that you really like is the indispensable and final step of the joy check. Photos will only keep your memories alive when they have been arranged so that you can enjoy them whenever you like

#5 – Finishing up

When everything you want to keep is neatly put away, sensibly discard the rest. There may be things you could sell or give away, or take to your local recycling centre.



By that I mean that’s it, you are completely done with the KonMari method (assuming you’ve discard everything that does not “spark joy”.

How awesome are you?!

Seriously, I’ve done this twice and I know just how tough this process is, but I also know that it truly is life-changing as promised.

Thank you so much for decluttering and organising using the KonMari method with me.

I truly hope you found this series useful in your own journey.

Elimy X

If you haven’t yet read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying I highly recommend you do so to fully understand the method.

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