Monthly Goals | May 2020

Monthly Goals | May 2020

It’s the last day of April, which means I’m doing my monthly review. The last few days I’ve “had a case of the blah’s” as some call it. I’ve had very little motivation to do anything, even when I felt like I wanted to do something I didn’t know what that something was. Has anyone else been feeling like that during the lockdown?

So anyway, a new month is just what I need to give me a boost mentally and physically.


I’ll start right off by saying that I really fell off the wagon hard when it came to anything to do with my health in April. I hardly exercised, I didn’t track my calories or water intake, and I did not get enough sleep overall.

That said, everything else seemed to go pretty well.

I’ve been:

  • Working on another diploma (with thanks to
  • I finished decorating my new room. Well, OK, I’ve almost finished it. I want to replace the carpet, but I can’t get any fitters in at the moment due to Covid-19. Also, I think the walls could do with another coat of paint, which I can’t get because the size tub I’d need isn’t available for collection or delivery. However, I’ve done everything I can in that room and I’m pretty pleased with it.
  • You might remember from my Monthly Goals | April 2020 post that I wanted to throw my youngest daughter a great – quarantined – birthday party. I think it went pretty well. We played games, built forts, went for a little bike ride and made salt-dough ornaments. I made her a very long treasure hunt to find her presents. All-day long we listened to a playlist I’d made of all her favourite songs. I even cut and dyed her hair (successfully, I might add!) and baked her a unicorn cake (unsuccessfully 🤣).
  • I kept in touch with friends, family and customers during this uncertain time
  • And, we planted apple seeds as a little project

Monthly Planning

Goals and Mini-Goals

Keep studying and reading

I’m so close to getting another diploma I can almost taste it!

Keep Spring Cleaning

If you’ve seen any posts in my Spring Cleaning Series, you’ll know that I’m currently blitzing my whole home one section at a time and taking you along with me.

Try to work on my health

This is my third and final goal, and it’s a big one. I neglected all aspects of my health so much in April, that I feel like this month should be dedicated almost solely on my physical and mental health.

My plans are to basically just do more: more exercise, more water, more sleep, more accountability with my calorie intake.


Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.


A new month always fills me with what feels like fresh air. It feels like a new opportunity, a new beginning, another chance to go after the life I want. Goodbye “case of the blah’s” and hello to new possibilities.

What are your goals for May? Let us know in the comments. I’d love to know what you’re all getting up to.

Elimy x

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