Spring Cleaning Series 2020 | Week 1

Spring Cleaning Series 2020 | Week 1

It’s officially the first week of Spring, meaning many people were probably planning to do some Spring cleaning over the coming weeks anyway.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, many citizens across the globe are being confined to their homes, so I imagine a lot more will be having a good clear out and blitzing their homes.

Well, I’m here to walk you through a Spring Cleaning Series which will take us right through to Summer. Hopefully then things will have started to ease back to a level of normalcy.

Spring Cleaning Week 1 – Closet or wardrobe

Spring Cleaning Series – Week 1
  • Firstly, gather up all your dirty clothes and get them washed.
  • Next, empty everything out of the spaces where you usually store your clean clothes, including shoes. The bed is probably the largest and closest place to put them for now. Then, clean your drawers and closets so your garments have a fresh space to be put back in to.
  • After that, start to sort through your clothes, following the tips below. It’s a good idea to separate between: clothes you want to keep, clothes you want to sell or give away, and, clothes to be recycled (check your local area for donation bins).
  • Start to put away the clothes you want to keep one section at a time: dresses, suits, jumpers and cardigans, trousers and jeans, shorts, skirts, tops and shirts, underwear, fitness and swimming gear.
  • Clean and put away your shoes – no point in putting something dirty in a space you just cleaned.
  • Sort out the clothes you want to sell. Find your next local car boot sale, hold a “yard sale”, take photos and post them on an online selling site, whichever you choose.
  • Bag and/or box up the clothes you are donating. Get them out of your home as soon as possible to reduce clutter.



  • If it’s a regular day-to-day item of clothing, ask yourself when you last wore it, if it’s more than 2 months ago then let it go. For less regularly worn items, like cocktail dresses and suits, ask if you’ve worn it in the last year.
  • It can also be helpful to think about if you’ll likely wear that piece of clothing again in the next year.
  • Have a garment that you love but it doesn’t quite fit right? You can shorten, lengthen, tighten and expand some items pretty easily. Do a quick internet search and see if you can save that much-loved item.


See you next week for the second part of my Spring Cleaning Series.


Elimy x


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