A-Z of Self-Care

A-Z of Self-Care

Self-care, we all need it, but most of us put it off or “don’t have the time” for it. You can’t pour from an empty cup though. It’s time to focus on you and give yourself much-needed tender loving care. You deserve it.

Activity – you only get one body, treat it well. However, this doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, just do something enjoyable.

Breathe – calm your mind with some deep breathing exercises.

Create – write, draw, paint, mould, film, anything you like to get your creative juices flowing.

Drink H2O – there are just so many benefits to your mind and body when you drink enough water.

Explore – try a new route, a different form of exercise, a different kind of reading material, a new program. You never know what you might discover.

Fresh air – there’s nothing like some good, clean, fresh air.

Gratitude – self-care can be just sitting and thinking about the good things in your life, and being grateful for them. You could try writing them down and reading them when you’re feeling a little down.

Hobby – practise an existing hobby or try something new.

Incense – there’s such a wide variety of scents available. If you can’t use incense why not try scented candles or reed diffusers.

Journalling – whether your the “dear diary” type, the bullet journal type, or the “just scribble everything down in one place type”, getting your thoughts down on paper releases all that mental weigh from your mind.

Knitting – or you could sew, cross-stitch, crotchet, whatever’s your jam.

Laugh – laughter releases endorphins, gives your immune system a boost, and, generally just makes you feel better.

Meditate – just a few minutes a day can reduce your anxiety, stress, worries, and other negative thoughts.


Nutrition – we all know by now that good nutrition is vital to self-care. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of some diseases and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition to an improved immune system and overall well-being.

Outdoors – “Being outside makes us happier, less stressed, more creative, and more socially connected. It can also improve short-term memory and focus, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, fight against anxiety and depression, and boost our overall immune systems.”

Source: www.forbes.com

Play – board games, online games, card games, playing outdoors with your kids, or with your friends, sports games. There are so many options.

Quiet – There’s a lot of benefits to being in silence every day. Check out this post by www.thewisdompost.com for their Top 21 Outstanding Benefits of Silence

Read – reading is exercise for your brain. It increases your knowledge and writing abilities, it helps to improve your focus and memory. Also, reading can even lower your stress levels, help with depression and anxiety, and improve your sleep.

Scents – there’s a scent for everything. Lavender or Jasmine for calming. Lemon or cinnamon for concentration. Pine to decrease anxiety. Citrus fruits to make you feel more energized.

Talk – us humans are social creatures (yes, even the introverts). We need social interactions. Try sending someone a message or giving them a call. You could also write them an email or a letter. Better yet, get outside and go meet this person for a chat.

Unplug – I have a whole other post for this, that I wrote for National Unplugging Day. Turn everything off and pick something from this self-care list.

Visualise – Imagine how you want your day to go, or how it will feel to accomplish a goal you have. Where are you? How does it feel? What can you see, touch, hear, smell, taste?

Walk – going out for a walk gives you the same benefits I previously mentioned for “Outdoors”. As you get your body moving through walking you get the added bonus of improving your fitness too. It’s a win-win!

Xercise – yeah OK, I cheated on this one, but regular exercise is good for you (shocker!) Obviously, many of us associate exercise with losing excess fat and gaining muscle, but there are other benefits too. Such as; reducing your risk of heart disease, helping your body manage your insulin levels, improved sleep.

Yoga – can decrease stress and anxiety, help with weight management and chronic pain. Practising yoga can also increase muscle strength, provide a better quality of sleep and help fight depression.

Zzz – speaking of sleep. Sometimes all your body needs is to catch up on a few Z’s. This post contains health tips for better sleep.


What are some of your favourite ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine?

Elimy x

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