How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

Let’s face it, we’ve all made a New Year’s resolution with the best intentions, only to not follow through on the promises we made to ourselves.

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Here are some tips to help you break that cycle and stick to your goals this year and beyond.

1. Don’t wait till December 31st.

Your resolution should be well thought out, not a last-minute whim. Take the time to figure out what you want to achieve and also why.

2. Be realistic.

A fresh new year can fill you with the confidence that you can do anything, and that you can do it all straight away. This kind of approach, though, leaves most of us abandoning our goals by March.

3. Be personal.

These are your plans to help you improve your own life. Choose a goal that resonates with you and how you want to grow this year. Don’t choose a goal just because everyone else seems to have chosen it, or your best friend has, or your partner.

4. Have a plan.

“Lose weight” is one of the most popular resolutions people set. It’s no good without a plan though. How are you going to achieve this? What exercises will you do? How often? What should your daily calorie intake be? How will you track it? Do you want, or do you have, a fitness buddy? How much water should you be drinking? How much sleep should you get? What’s your plan for staying motivated?

5. Break it down and track it.

It’s easy to give up when you look at the whole mountain you need to climb, but when you focus on just making it a few feet, then a few feet more, you’ll reach the big goal in the end. Small steps will get us to where we need to go.

6. Keep your rewards related to your goal.

If you plan on eating a healthier diet, rewarding yourself with chocolate cake is counteracting all your hard work. Try instead to treat your self to new cooking equipment to help prepare your meals or new recipes to try. If your goal is to declutter your home, reward yourself by freshly painting a room. If your goal is to slim down, please do not reward yourself with food. Go out and buy some new clothes or workout gear.

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7. Have your own cheerleading squad.

If your friends or family have similar goals you can cheer each other on and hold your partner accountable. Your local community may be running support groups you’d be interested in. There are so many online support groups too, type in what you’re looking for on your web browser and social media platforms and see what pops up.

8. Stay motivated.

Remind yourself of your “why’s” often, maybe even stick them on your mirror or save them as your screensaver. Reward yourself for each milestone you achieve.

9. Don’t be afraid to change things up.

If you’re not seeing any progress after a few weeks, or the goal seems too hard and unobtainable, change your tactics. Try moving your schedule around so you work on your resolution at a different time. Try a different workout if the first one you chose is too boring or advanced. I’m not saying it won’t or shouldn’t be difficult, be the easier you can work on your goal the more likely you are to stick to it.

10. Consider quarterly or monthly goals.

Life happens. In the blink of an eye your entire world can change, and therefore so can your goals. Don’t let life’s ups and downs make you “fail” your goals, make new ones that fit into your changed lifestyle. This is also a good way to break down a big goal into smaller ones.

11. Be kind to yourself.

Don’t let one slip up make you feel like you’ve failed and you might as well quit. Look at all the progress you made before that slip. Just dust yourself off, learn from what went wrong, and keep going. Remember that you are worth it.

12. Remember, change takes time, or rather, sustainable change takes time.

It takes a while for habits to stick, about 66 days according to some sources. Just be patient, stay persistent, and they will stick.


I hope you enjoyed those 12 tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution.

What are your goals for 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?


Elimy x


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