Health | My Favourite Ways To Exercise

Health | My Favourite Ways To Exercise

Let me start this off by saying that I’m not a big lover of any exercise really, so I’m not about to tell you how amazing physical activity makes me feel. If I ever get my butt in gear to get healthier and exercise regularly then that might change. For now, though, I don’t really enjoy it all that much.

That said, when I do workout I choose one of the following forms of exercise that I find more likeable than others.



More specifically, I like following along with Yoga with Adriene videos. What I like most about Yoga with Adriene is that I can find a routine that speaks to me that day. If it’s early I’ll do a morning routine, or a before bed one at night. I can find ones to help with certain areas or my ability level.

Another thing I love about Adriene is that she gives you options. If you can’t get into a certain position or you have limitations or pain, then she’ll give you an alternative.



I don’t know what it is about swimming but I don’t feel as gross or exhausted afterwards as I do with other activities. Maybe it’s because you’re fully submerged in water for the duration and then hop straight into a shower. I don’t know, but swimming, for me at least, doesn’t make me feel as worn out as any other form of exercise.


Weight Lifting

No, I am not a bodybuilder (but one can dream). I think what I like most is the structure of weight lifting. For each exercise, you have a number of sets and reps to do, and that’s it. I like weight lifting because you count how many of each exercise you do, not how long it takes you to complete. With running or swimming, we tend to try and beat our last time for a certain distance, with weights you just do the repetitions and don’t worry about the clock. If you want to push yourself you just up the weights or go to failure.

My weight lifting inspirations are Emily Skye and Abby Pollock. I’m currently following Abby’s TFN program.

Running or Jogging

OK I don’t actually enjoy running, sometimes it’s alright if I’ve got some good music, but I still don’t like it.

This is where Zombies, Run! comes in. With Zombies, Run! you have missions to complete, supplies to gather, a base to build and zombies to out-pace, all whilst listening to an award-winning story. For an added bonus, they also have 5k training for those of us just starting out. Their apps are available on both Google Play and the App Store.


Saving the best till last, in my opinion anyway, we have dance fitness. This is the type of exercise that I’m least likely to make up excuses for. It can be done at home, I can wear whatever I want, take a break whenever I need to and I don’t need to set anything up beforehand. Also, with the right instructor, it can be really fun!

I love moving along to The Fitness Marshall and Sarah Placencia videos. There are plenty of other dance fitness coaches on YouTube, but these two are my all-time faves.






What about you, what are your favourite ways to get in some physical activity and why?


Elimy X

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