Habits To Add To Your Sunday Routine For Improved Productivity

Habits To Add To Your Sunday Routine For Improved Productivity

Boost Your Productivity With These Sunday Habits

Really the whole idea behind having Sunday habits is to make Monday morning easier for ourselves, and the rest of the week too. Some of us plan to do so much at the weekend, but in reality, we end up using Sunday as a “rest day”. Which is great and all, but come the next morning you’ll be trying to get yourself together and out the door in a frustrated panic because you weren’t prepared.

So, here are some ideas of what you can do on a Sunday to do both! You can get ready for the week ahead AND have time to relax. Please don’t feel like you need to do everything on this list, it’s just a guide. Pick out a few things that resonate with you, that you feel will make the coming week easier for you. As time goes on you could add in more things when you feel ready.


Around The Home

  • Sort papers – just the ones that need attention. If you want a guide to decluttering your papers then check out this post.
  • Deep clean your appliances – this doesn’t take long! It only took me 15 minutes to: put descaler in the kettle, set a cup of water in the microwave and turn it on, while that’s going clean out the crumb tray from the toaster, stop the microwave and let the water sit for a bit, rinse the kettle then fill and boil it, clean out the lint tray from the tumble dryer, set the washing machine and dishwasher on self-cleaning cycles, wipe out the microwave, rinse out the kettle again, DONE.
  • Empty and clean the fridge – you don’t need to go all out. You can just shift things around as you give it a wipe. If you feel like getting everything out and giving it a deep clean then go ahead, but if you’re wiping it out every week you won’t need to deep clean often.
  • Pick up and put things away
  • Reload the washing machine – fold and put away any clean washing/laundry
  • Reload the dishwasher
  • Wipe down the kitchen counters
  • Wipe down the sink, counter and toilet in the main bathroom
  • Empty all the bins and take the trash/rubbish out
  • Change bedding
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces

Preparing and Planning For The Week Ahead

  • Finish or schedule un-completed tasks
  • Work on getting your email inboxes to 0 – if you have a lot of emails just plug away at it for 15 minutes
  • Assess your morning and evening routines
  • Plan your meals for next week
  • Check your medicine cabinet – this is a good chance to think about when you need to re-order prescriptions
  • Order your food shopping or pop to the shops
  • Check your calendar/planner/schedule
  • Write out your to-do list for the day
  • Do a SYLO refresh
  • Write out your goals for the week
  • Break your bigger tasks into smaller pieces
  • Check your bank account
  • Meal prep
  • Clear out your bag and purse – and pack them for tomorrow
  • Plan out your week – don’t forget to schedule important tasks
  • Set your intention for the week



  • Spend some quality time with your family
  • Read with your children
  • Lay out the kids clothes for tomorrow
  • Make sure the kids have a bath/shower
  • Get the children to bed on time
  • Check schoolbags for letters – pack the bags for tomorrow
  • Help the kids tidy their room and put away their clean clothes
  • Check the children’s calendar/planner/schedule



  • Shape your eyebrows – or schedule to call for an appointment
  • Take care of your nails – or schedule to call for an appointment
  • Use hair and face masks
  • Trim split ends – or schedule to call for an appointment
  • Wash make-up brushes

Calm Your Mind

  • Turn off the electronics for a bit
  • Meditate or have some quiet thinking/journaling time
  • Brain dump
  • Relax – in whatever way suits you
  • Get inspired – flick through Pinterest and Instagram, watch YouTube videos, listen to Podcasts (I use Castbox), read blogs
  • Read books
  • Practise self-care
  • Yoga
  • Lay out your clothes for tomorrow



  • Exfoliate and have a shower or bath
  • Moisturise
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Don’t sleep the day away
  • Have an early night
  • No electronics before bed
  • Exercise


Even if you only do a few of these things you’ll start to find that your Monday mornings are less-rushed and less-stressful. You’ll be better rested and ready to be more productive during the week.

For more ideas of habits to track, check out this post.


What habits do you incorporate on Sundays to have a more productive week?

Elimy x

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