Monthly Goals | September 2019

Monthly Goals | September 2019

August has come and gone, the summer is slowly coming to an end, and the kids are going back to school. It’s time to reflect on the previous month and set monthly goals for the next. Let’s go.


August Reflection

You know that funk I was in last month? Well, I’m still kind of in it. Things have been moving along, just not as well as I hoped they would. Maybe I expected too much of myself right off the bat.

My plans were to:

  • Re-discover yoga – I have done a few yoga sessions with Yoga with Adriene, just not as many as I had planned.
  • Do phase 1 of my training plan – I haven’t completed phase 1, but I have done the first two weeks, so I’m checking that off as a win!
  • Dance – I didn’t do any dancing during August and I honestly don’t know why. It’s my favourite form of exercise so I thought it would get done.
  • Do lots of activities with the kids – things went rather hectic in August. First, the kids and I went away one weekend, then we went away the next. Then my youngest went away with Nanny for 6 nights, and currently, my eldest is away for the weekend. So we have gone to loads of places and spent time as a family, but we didn’t do many of the things I had written down. You know what though, we spent some quality time together, it doesn’t matter if it was planned out or not.
  • Publish 9 posts in August – ………yeah………that just didn’t happen. I only posted my monthly goals for August and one other post. I’ve been working on something else for you guys in my free time so the normal posts just didn’t get done. Sorry! I’ll try to get some more regular posts going in September.
  • Grow the blog – As I didn’t post a lot in August this didn’t happen, however, I did increase my monthly views on Pinterest by 3k! Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate it.
  • Kitchen project – I haven’t made a start on this yet because I’m still working on the bathroom project. I didn’t want to do what I usually do and leave something unfinished to go work on something else.
  • Save 10% of all income this month – yep, this is one thing I did do.

Planning September

Goals and Mini-Goals

Stick to my diet – During the week I’m fine, it’s the weekends that I tend to fall off the wagon a bit.

Save 10% of my income again – This was really easy for me last month so hopefully it will be again this month.

Publish every week – In an ideal world I would be posting 3 times a week, but I know that, for me, starting out small and working my way up gets better results than trying to start at the top.

Complete phase 1 of my training plan – I’m already 2 weeks in so this should be easily do-able.

Start running and dancing – Now that the kids are going back to school we’ll get back into our usual routines, hopefully meaning I can get back into exercising more regularly. Dance is my favourite because it can be so much fun. Running isn’t usually something I enjoy, so I use Zombies, run! to keep me motivated. You can get it for free from the app store or Google play

Read 2 books – Now that I have KonMari’d my books (post coming soon), I want to actually start reading the ones I have left.

Continue with the KonMari method (and share it with you) – If you missed it here’s my post on KonMari clothes. Next up is books!

Keep working on my side-project – I’m keeping this one secret for now but I can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s finished.

Finish the bathroom project – All that’s left to do is paint.

Pinup my monthly goals where I’ll see them every day – Fingers crossed this will be a constant reminder to me to get this stuff done.


I’m feeling a lot better this month and more motivated, so watch this space to see how much progress I make this month.

What are your plans for September?

Elimy x

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