Monthly Goals | August 2019

Monthly Goals | August 2019

Another month is coming to an end and it’s time to start the next chapter of our lives. Here are my monthly goals for August 2019.

July Reflection

Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. June and July have gone by in a blur and I just haven’t been in the mindset to focus on anything lately.

It’s time for all that to change though. A new month is here and it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

 Planning August

Goals and Mini-Goals

  • Re-discover yoga – This is a goal from my 30-by-30 list. I’m going to ease myself into it by beginning with 2 sessions a week. If you fancy integrating some yoga into your life I recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene, she has loads of videos for all fitness levels and often posts every day with a new theme for each month.
  • Do phase 1 of my exercise program – I’ll be starting the TransformNation plan created by Abby Pollock. Click here if you’re interested.
  • Dance – Keeping the focus on fitness, I’ll try to do two dance sessions a week as well. I love to follow The Fitness Marshall and Sarah Placencia videos on YouTube.
  • Do lots of activities with the kids – it’s currently the Summer holidays here in England, and the kids are off school for a whole 6 weeks. Meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to reconnect with the little ones. Some ideas I have are:
    • Baking
    • Visiting the beach and park
    • Try geocaching
    • Go swimming
    • Visit a milkshake shop
    • Go to the cinema
    • Go for a hike and a picnic
    • Visit the arcade
    • A round of mini-golf
    • Go bowling
  • Publish 9 posts this month – I’d like to be more consistent with blogging.
  • Grow the blog ­– I’d love to reach more like-minded people!
  • Kitchen project – It’s a big project, but just making a start would be great.
  • Save 10% of all income this month – Note to self-you don’t need any more stationery, really.

A new month is a great opportunity to re-assess your goals and check you’re heading in the right direction. It’s also a great time to check-in with your current habits and try to incorporate some new ones.

What are your monthly goals for August?

Elimy  x

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