Life | How To Do A SYLO Refresh

Life | How To Do A SYLO Refresh

Recently I’ve been going through a tough time in my life and have been feeling pretty unmotivated to do anything. The problem I’m facing is still current and there’s nothing I can do about it, but I’ve reached the point where I don’t want it to affect all the other aspects of my life like it has been for the past two months.

So I decided to do a Sort Your Life Out refresh weekend because boy do I need it. I figured I can’t be the only one who feels like they need to put their entire life back in order so I decided to share my process with you guys.

What is it?

A Sort Your Life Out refresh is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a dedicated, mindful weekend (or even a day or a few hours) where you assess your life and the direction you want to take it in, then implementing the first baby steps you need to take in order to get there.

For me, this SYLO refresh weekend is like a huge life overhaul, because so many things are different for me now than they were a few months ago and I feel like I need to re-evaluate everything. You can still use this guide if you just want to make some smaller changes too.


How to do a SYLO refresh

These are the steps I took last weekend to get my life back on track. Obviously, your lives are very different to mine, so feel free to tweak, add or remove tasks to suit you.

Clean Your Slate

In order to make a fresh start, I think it’s best to begin by wiping the slate clean, physically and mentally.

  • Brain dump – get out the good ol’ fashioned pen and paper, write down all the things that come to your mind that you need to do or remember. MuchelleB has a handy trigger list that I use to help jog my memory for this. Here is a link to a MuchelleB video, and the link to the trigger list is in the description box.
  • Change your bedding – you’ll feel so much better snuggling into some fresh sheets tonight.
  • Empty and clean the fridge – throw out any old food. Don’t try to be a perfectionist, just a good wipe down will do for today.
  • Tidy and clean your home – don’t go crazy! We’re not decluttering or doing a deep clean here, just putting away things that have been left out and wiping surfaces.
  • Clear out your bag and purse – clear out old receipts and anything else you don’t need to keep in there.
  • Deep clean appliances – don’t fret, this won’t take long. It only took me 15 minutes to: put descaler in the kettle, set a cup of water in the microwave and turn on, while the microwave is going clean out the crumb tray from the toaster, stop the microwave and let the water sit for a bit, rinse the kettle and boil, clean out the lint tray of the tumble dryer, set the washing machine and dishwasher for self-cleaning, wipe out the microwave, rinse out the kettle again, done!
  • Sort and file papers – if you have a lot just make a dent in the pile.
  • Finish or schedule unfinished tasks – you’ve probably got some things from your to-do list or calendar from last week that you haven’t completed yet. Do the tasks that won’t take too long now. With the tasks that require more time write them down on a list, we’ll deal with this later.
  • Work on getting your email inboxes to 0 – don’t worry if you don’t make it, some is better than none.
  • Assess your morning and evening routines – think about what’s working, and what’s not, in your daily routines. If you need help creating new routines click the links below.

Productivity | Create A New Morning Routine

Productivity | Create a new evening routine


Plan and Prepare

  • Plan your meals for next week – you don’t have to go all fancy and try to create meals you’ve never cooked before, just stick to your usual foods and pick which days you want to have them.
  • Check your medicine cabinet – see if any prescriptions need to be renewed or vitamins need replacing.
  • Order your food shopping, or write a list – add ingredients you need for next weeks’ meals. Add any vitamins or medicines you can buy at the store. Walk around your home and look in your cupboards so you don’t forget anything.
  • Check your calendar – are there any events coming up you need to buy cards or presents for? Add them to your shopping list, or plan when you can next go shopping.
  • Make appointments – are you overdue for check-ups with the doctor, dentist or opticians? Maybe you need to arrange for a repair in your home or for your car. While you have your calendar in front of you make any appointments that you need to.


Plan Next Week

  • Add the tasks you want to get done next week to your calendar. Treat them like appointments and try to show up for them. Please don’t try to fill up every hour of each day though, you don’t want to burn out because you didn’t give yourself time to relax.

Work on Yourself

  • Unwind – to relax you could do some meditation, yoga, go for a walk, read a book, soak your feet, have a nap, flip through some magazines, knit, work on a puzzle, colouring, or whatever you fancy.
  • Use hair and face masks.
  • Exfoliate and have a shower or a bath.
  • Moisturise your whole body with some nice smelling lotion.
  • Shape your eyebrows or book your next appointment.
  • Take care of your nails.
  • Clean your teeth.

Doing these things for yourself just naturally makes you feel so much better and fresh.


Get Inspired (optional)


I must say, I feel so much clearer about my direction in life now. There will always be things that we have no control over, and they can make us feel so negative that the other aspects of our life we do have a say in get neglected.

Doing this SYLO refresh puts you back in the driver’s seat so you can steer yourself in the direction you want to travel in.

I hope you guys found this helpful. Let me know in the comments below!

Elimy  x

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