Monthly Goals | May 2019

Monthly Goals | May 2019

Time to Slay in May!

April Reflection

What did I do and how can I improve in May?

I took some time out in nature away from technology. One of the days I went out I took the kids on a 3-hour hike to the highest (natural) point in our town. It was quite foggy so you can’t see much in the picture, but we did manage to find a nice flat patch of grass where we could play football.


    • Next month I’d like to get out in nature more often, I’m thinking of linking this with my fitness goals by starting a train to 5k plan.
  • I finished reading The Turn of The Screw by Henry James. I do feel a little let down by the ending, though. I think it was finished in a way that lets the readers guess what really happened, but I still feel it ended rather abruptly.
    • I’ve now started reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • We’ve sent out most of our wedding invites, (psst! If you’d like some wedding planning tips, click here.)
  • I also booked my hen party, which was one of the items on my 20 before 2020 list.
    • Next step in planning our wedding is to buy my veil and headpiece, also to go perfume shopping with my Maid of Honour!
  • I wanted to add some more money into our wedding fund now so we don’t run into trouble later. We didn’t even need to do this in the end as we’ve been gifted some money towards the wedding by family members. *Feeling grateful*
    • I’d still like to put in some of our own money in May, too.


April Highlights and Achievements

Before planning the next month, I like to look back on the highlights and wins from the previous.


  • I had my hair and makeup trial for the wedding and it went really well. I love the look she gave me and it fits in with our simple but elegant, purple theme perfectly. I do have very dry skin so the foundation went a little bit cakey, so that is something we need to try and fix before the big day. If you have any tips for this, please let me know in the comments down below.
  • My youngest daughter turned nine! We took her out for shopping and swimming, then filled our bellies with massive cups of hot chocolate. ☕ 😋
  • I bought some more bits and bobs for the wedding, including bejewelled converse for my Maid of Honour and me. Will definitely pop up some pics when they arrive!
  • Also, for the wedding, I bought some sweet jars and HUGE boxes of sweets to fill them. Now I just need to not touch them, easier said than done.


  • Carrying on. I witnessed the death of a loved one at the beginning of the month, which basically led to April going by in a blur where I didn’t care to do anything or feel any motivation. Even to do the simplest things like filling in my journals and going to the gym. I’ve been pushing through it though and I feel like I’m starting to feel like my old self again.
  • I’ve lost 2 pounds of weight! OK, I know that’s not much to lose over 30 days, but considering I was comfort eating AND we had Easter eggs around, I am pleased with myself.
  • Not only have I kept up with wedding planning and payments, but I’m ahead of schedule too :-D.


Planning May

Goals and Mini-Goals

This month I plan to:

  • Hit the gym a couple of times a week.
  • Read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • Focus on health and losing some weight.
  • Keep publishing posts.
  • Start a 5K training plan.
  • Buy my veil, headpiece, and perfume for our wedding.
  • Keep up with the wedding planning.

What were your biggest highlights and achievements from April? Let us know how you plan to slay in May.

Elimy  x

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