20 things I want to do before 2020

20 things I want to do before 2020

I’ve never written one of these “to do before” lists, which is pretty strange considering I love making lists, but I figured this year I would.

I want 2019 to be the year I make big, positive changes in my life.

The list

Find a good balance with work and my health

This is basically me figuring out how many hours a week I can put into my day job, without it having a detrimental effect on my health.

Achieve (or be close to achieving) my current fitness goals

I say “current” because when I reach them I will then probably make new ones to aim for. My current fitness goals are to lose inches from my spare tire/muffin top area, feel slim and trim down my thighs and stomach.

Learn to do the splits

I want to train myself to do the splits both ways. No real reason, I just want to.

Look after my hair and skin better

I have super dry skin and hair which I really should be taking better care of.

Get married

Pretty self-explanatory.

Pay off wedding

This is going to happen regardless, but I’d rather do it without borrowing or getting a loan.

Plan honeymoon

We’re not sure yet whether we could afford a honeymoon this year or next, it would be fun to plan it out though.

Plan hen-do

I’m not the kind of girl who will hit the streets wearing a pink L plate and get completely wasted. If that’s your thing then great, you do you, it’s just not my thing. So my Maid of Honour and I need to get our heads together and come up with a fun hen-do that is more me.

Start saving for the future

There are some big and scary, grown-up things I’d like to do, like get a mortgage, so I need to start preparing for that stuff.

Clear credit cards

There’s not a lot owing on my credit cards, but its good to keep debts in check.



Finish the kitchen wall and doors

Currently, there’s an open space between my kitchen and the dining/living room. I figured out that there would actually be more space by putting up a wall and doors to the kitchen. One side of the wall and the doors are already up. The kitchen side of the wall needs finishing though, and the doors need painting.

Make family photo albums

In this modern age where everything is done with technology, most of us have our pictures on devices or stored online. I’d really like to go old-school though and have a couple of real, flick-through-the-pages, photo albums.

Get (and start filling) a bookcase

I know, exciting stuff!

As much as I love to read, I tend to struggle to find books that hold my attention or the ending doesn’t become obvious before I’ve reached halfway, because of this I only actually have 11 books (after giving some old ones to my eldest daughter). I want to find some books that I love and have them displayed on a bookcase.

Get a proper desk

My current desk is quite funny, it’s an old tabletop sticking out from between my drawers and our leopard gecko tanks on top to hold it in place, with a dining room chair I move back and forth as needed. I really would like a real desk.

Organise my home

Urgh, I could swear I do this every couple of months! I desperately need to find a system that works for us.

Write an ebook

For years I’ve wanted to write a book, I’ve started a few but never finished them. This year I want to write an ebook, about anything, and of any length, just to get into the mindset of writing. Kind of like a practise book if you will.

Keep blogging

This is what I want to do, I’ve always wanted to write since I can remember, so I want to get into the habit of blogging consistently.

Stick to morning and evening routines

Having routines just makes everything else in your day go so much smoother.

Spend time in nature without technology

Ideally, I’d do this for a whole weekend. Go and camp somewhere under the stars, with no technology, no distractions, and just be present. If I can’t do it for a whole weekend, because of family and work commitments, even just a day would be good.

Clear my YouTube watch list and implement the lessons learned

This sounds really easy, till you look at my watch list. I like to use YouTube to learn things, like gym techniques, time management tools, how to flat lay and use photoshop. Things that interest me that I want to get better at.


Some of these goals are pretty big, but most require just a little effort daily, so they should be fairly realistic.

Have you written a “20 before 2020” list? Let me know.

Elimy  x

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