Habits | 81 Habits To Track

Habits | 81 Habits To Track

A little while ago we were talking about habit tracking and I gave you two free handy habit trackers.

But what should you track? I’ve listed 81 ideas below to get you inspired. Don’t think you should do them all or even a lot of them, this is just to give you some inspiration. Don’t burn yourself out trying to change too much at once!



  • Family days – because sometimes we get so busy we forget to spend enough quality time with our loved ones
  • Call family/friends
  • Spend time with family/friends
  • Tuck the kids in – if they’re still at the age where they want to be tucked in, cherish it, it does not last long
  • Make sure kids do homework
  • Read with the kids – again, they aren’t small for long
  • Spend time with your kids
  • Wash the pets (if needed) – not your cat!
  • Clean pet supplies
  • Exercise the pets – handle your small pets, walk the bigger ones, let your cat play with a laser or string
  • Feed the pets – some pets, like our geckos, don’t need feeding every day, so it’s good to keep track of when they last ate



  • Pay bills on time
  • Check your finances – things pop up all the time so it’s good to know where you’re at
  • Re-assess and update your budget
  • Pay some of your debt
  • Put some money into savings – being a responsible human
  • Track how much you have in savings
  • Stick to a budget – a very responsible human



  • Spending quality time with your partner
  • Date nights – make sure you get time to yourselves regularly
  • Ovulation and erm…intimacy – if your planning on starting a family
  • Period days – good to know



  • Work on a hobby
  • Work on a project – hint: finish old ones before starting new ones, you will thank yourself
  • Write something
  • Create something
  • Practice a skill (old or new)
  • Learn something new – Skillshare and Udemy are the online course providers I use
  • Read



  • Have your 5 a day – or however much fruit and veg you’re aiming for
  • Meal planning
  • Hit target calorie intake
  • Hit your macros
  • Days without animal products
  • Days without processed foods
  • Cutting out junk food
  • Water consumption
  • Caffeine intake – sometimes we just become too dependent on it
  • Cutting out fizzy drinks
  • Days with no alcohol
  • Do some stretches – it’s good for you
  • Exercise
  • Practice yoga
  • Brush teeth and floss – you should be doing this anyway but here’s a friendly reminder
  • Face/hair masks
  • Moisturise
  • Exfoliate
  • Taking medication
  • Relax – have a nap, watch a program, do some colouring, read a book, whatever chills you out
  • Spend less time on devices
  • Meditating
  • Go to sleep on time
  • Wake up on time – try not hitting snooze
  • Track weight and/or measurements



  • Do some washing/laundry – you’ll never be “done” but you can keep on top of it
  • Folding and putting away clothes
  • Change and wash bedding
  • Flip your mattress – how many of us actually remember to do this?
  • Do the dishes – same principle as washing/laundry
  • Kids tidy their bedroom/s
  • Tidy your space
  • Water plants
  • Food shopping
  • Clean out the fridge – I try to align this with the day I get the food shopping
  • Garden maintenance
  • Declutter a small area
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Dust your space
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Clean the oven
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Hoover/vacuum floors
  • Mop hard floors



  • Empty your inbox – do this regularly and you’ll never be overwhelmed with thousands of emails to sift through
  • Check the post/mail
  • Pray
  • Back up photos
  • Back up documents
  • Plan out your calendar – be prepared
  • Tick something off master to do list – it will feel so good!
  • Prepare for upcoming birthdays/events – so you’re not scrambling around at the last minute trying to think of a great gift that doesn’t look like you got it at the last minute


What do you keep tabs on in your habit tracker?

Elimy  x

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